Our large, ethnically diverse patient population makes us the first choice for studies in a wide array of indications. Because of our site’s unique focus on the respiratory system and its relationship with a patient’s overall health, we have been selected for and have conducted numerous cutting-edge trials with Biologics.

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  • Six medical exam rooms that also convert into private bedrooms
  • Two nursing stations
  • Showers, bathrooms
  • A large conference room designed for educational presentations
  • Secured, onsite retention storage
  • Patient leisure area with outside wrap-around porch and garden area
  • Specimen laboratory with a large processing area designed to accommodate any study need
  • Site Drug Room is designed for research. The dedicated area is double locked, protected keypad entry, security camera monitored, designated temperature controlled and monitored for both ambient and refrigerated investigational products. This Drug Room has capabilities to securely store retention IP post study.

Onsite IT available for monitoring needs. We also have expert on-site computer and technical support, which complies with electronic data capture, good clinical data management systems and interactive voice response systems.

Confinement Area: The facility is equipped with a comfortable patient lounge, furnished with a large saltwater fish tank, large screen TV, patient recliners and Coffee bar. Patient meals meeting any dietary restrictions can be delivered to the site. The facility has 7 exam rooms, which easily convert into private sleeping quarters, and additional space, which can comfortably accommodate an additional 30 or more patients for overnight trials. Additionally, we have an onsite 5-bedroom modern home that can easily be used for any extended visit needs.


TTS Research has all the necessary equipment required to professionally conduct research. All equipment is calibrated according to manufactures’ recommendations and logged accordingly.

  • Dry ice is delivered to the site
  • Minus (-) 70 degree freezer
  • Minus (-) 20 degree freezer
  • Refrigerators
  • ECG machine
  • Ambient centrifuges
  • Refrigerated centrifuges
  • Crash cart
  • Spirometry
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Portable oxygen