South Texas Medical Research Institute

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TTS Research, also known as South Texas Medical Research Inc. DBA TTS Research, is a dedicated research facility specializing in conducting phase I to phase IV clinical research trials in the United States. With over 20 years of experience, our well-integrated and professional team has successfully completed more than 120 clinical trials. We consistently exceed the expectations of our sponsors and have gained recognition as a top performing site both in the United States and globally.

TTS Research is renowned for its integrity, exceptional enrollment and retention rates, meticulous adherence to protocol compliance, attention to detail, and effective data management. Our successful collaborations with sponsors attest to our dedication. With vast experience in conducting both adult and pediatric studies, encompassing acute conditions, serial assessment and testing, as well as IV administration of investigational products, our highly skilled staff excels in PK collection and overnight procedures. We are available for trials during early mornings, after hours, and weekends, and possess extensive expertise in pediatric, adolescent, and adult studies.

Our large, ethnically diverse patient population makes TTS Research the top choice for a wide range of studies. With our unique focus on the respiratory system and its impact on overall health, we have been selected for and conducted numerous cutting-edge trials with Biologics.

We Serve a Diverse Patient Population.

  • Asian 3.0%
  • Hispanic or Latino 65.7%
  • Caucasian (not Hispanic or Latino) 24.8%
  • African American 6.5%

Our facility at TTS Research is strategically located in Boerne, Texas, close to San Antonio. Situated in Central Texas, our site benefits from a unique and accessible position that allows us to serve a wide range of patients facing diverse medical conditions. This region is renowned for its abundant allergens, including ragweed, mold, and mountain cedar, making it an ideal location for our research on asthma, allergies, and COPD. We cater to not only the large retirement population in Boerne but also attract a younger and more diverse population from the surrounding booming areas.

Exceptional Recruitment Capabilities

TTS Research, is equipped with a dedicated patient recruitment department that strives to assist patients throughout the recruitment process. Our team member actively engages in professional activities for local community-based outreach patient recruitment, attend Health Fairs, and participates in other community-based events. Additionally, they provide invaluable support to patients with diary needs. Remarkably, our recruitment department consistently achieves top ratings for recruitment across multiple trials.

TTS Research effectively utilizes sponsor-provided portals and a range of advertising methods to accomplish desired outcomes and establish awareness regarding the ongoing trials available at our facility.


  • Patient Recruitment

  • Randomization

  • Study Retention

We have Over


active patient databases

Years of Experience

successful clinical trials

In business for 20+ years, we are committed to offering high-quality clinical research data to study sponsors. Across a wide range of therapeutic disciplines, our qualified, well-experienced research personnel has the knowledge to manage patient recruitment, randomization, and study retention. For many years we have been noted as one of the top enrollment sites in the United States and frequently in globally.

In addition to acute intravenous trials for children and adults, TTS Research has conducted numerous studies in the following specialized therapeutic areas:

  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Infant Asthma
  • Pediatric Asthma
  • Adolescent Asthma
  • Adult Asthma
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Perennial Allergies
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Pain
  • Reduction of Atherothrombosis
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Skin Infections

Number of dedicated clinical coordinator staff:

  • 6+ coordinators
  • 2 Investigators
  • 1 Sub-Investigator
  • 1 Dedicated Regulatory Manager
  • 1 Dedicated EDC Data Manager
  • 2 Recruitment Coordinators
  • 1 Phlebotomist / Lab Manager
  • 1 Front Desk Manager
  • 1 Investigational Product Manager. This employee can work in both blinded and unblinded roles

Study Coordinators at TTS Research are highly experienced professionals who are dedicated solely to managing studies. They undergo annual GCP training and hold IATA certification. With expertise in spirometry, they excel in conducting thorough assessments for respiratory studies, including multiple hour and or days serial assessments. Their skill set also encompasses PK assessments and management of Investigative Products through IV, IM, SUBQ, and oral administration, both in double-blinded and unblinded trials. The site staff are well loved by the patient population. Their tireless efforts contribute largely to the success of patient visit management and diary compliance.

We employ a delegated Regulatory Director with 10-plus years in management. Our highly qualified regulatory department produces quick turnaround of regulatory document submissions and contracts. Our company’s Data Manager Coordinator works closely with the sponsors, monitors, site staff, and Investigators to ensure competent EDC management in a timely manner.


Our 8,400 square foot research-designed facility is equipped with 6 exam rooms, which easily convert into private sleeping quarters, and additional space, which can comfortably accommodate an additional 30 or more patients for overnight trials. Additionally, we have an onsite 5-bedroom modern home that can easily be used for any extended visit needs. The facility is equipped with a comfortable indoor and outdoor patient lounge. Furnished with a large flat screen television, spacious sofa, massage chair, coffee bar, and 300-gallon saltwater fish tank for added enjoyment. TTS Research is compliant with HIPPA and OSHA regulations and works with a central Internal Review Board (IRB). Our building is wheelchair accessible. The facility also has specialized Clinical Research monitor workstations with high-speed Internet, copiers, fax machines, massage chair and telephone access.

TTS is equipped with the folllowing equipment:

– 86c degree Ultra-low freezer locked, temperature controlled by daily readings.

– Portable generator available for power failure.

– 20 Medical grade Freezer

– Dry ice delivered to site as requested.

– Site Spirometry: calibrated daily prior to use.

– Pulse Ox. Model MD300C2. No calibration     required.

– Scientific scale: calibrated daily prior to use.

– Clocks: Atomic, self-calibrated. Complete with temperature and humidity reading.

– Crash cart and Defibrillator: Reviewed annually or after any use. Medications are automatically resupplied by Bryan Pharma supply.

– CLIA Certification

– Ambient centrifuge: 642.E serial 520609.122: calibrated every 5,000 spins

– Refrigerated centrifuge: Eppendorff 5702 R –calibration only recommended if error message occurs.

– Site ECG. Self-calibrates with use.

– Blood pressure monitor, 7 series automatic wrist blood pressure monitor. Omron Model BP652. Self-calibrates prior to use.

– Allergen testing expertise and supplies.

Facility Features & Highlights

  •  Specimen laboratory with a large processing area designed to accommodate any study needs
  • Site Drug Room is designed for research. The dedicated area is double locked, protected keypad entry, security camera monitored.
  • A fully equipped specimen laboratory with a large processing area designed to accommodate any study need.
  • Two nursing stations
  • Showers, bathrooms
  • Six medical exam rooms that also convert into private bedrooms
  • Secured, onsite retention storage
  • A large conference room designed for educational presentations
  • Secured, onsite Investigational Product retention storage 

Investigational Product Room:

Site Drug Room is designed for research. The dedicated area is double locked, protected keypad entry, security camera monitored, designated temperature controlled and monitored for both ambient and refrigerated investigational products. This Drug Room has storage capabilities to securely house retention Investigational Product post study. There is limited access by study staff only.

Investigational Product Room is equipped with multiple CliniCool© Ultra Series 16 Cu. Ft. Hinged Glass Door Pharmacy/Vaccine Refrigerators complete with temperature controlled by daily min/max readings.
Microprocessor temperature controller with audible and visual high and low temperature alarms
Portable generator available for power failure.

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